Thursday, August 22, 2013

Op Shopping - Love New Clothes

I found time in between packing my house and cleaning to sneak to the oppies and treated myself to some new clothes.  I love adding to my wardrobe cheaply.  And there is some truth when I reply to hubby "New?  No this old thing - its been around for ages...."  

Ricochet Top

Just Jeans Dress

Max Cardigan - I love slouching around in a slouchy cardy ..

OK, this is a kinda freaky looking Elmo - but I am into it.  

And Billabong jeans.

So that little lot set me back $35.  And I can never not come away with something for the kids.

For the 2 year old Hi5 fan in the house - .50c

And Angry Birds for the boys - .50c also.

Right, back to packing ... sigh ....

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Jennie Coull said...

Great score!! I love opp shopping!!