Thursday, August 1, 2013

Op Shopping - Really, More Books ...

I carried a box of stuff out of my local Habitat for Humanity today.  I guess I am making up for a few weeks off....

I brought more books.  I know.  Its an addiction.  But at .50 cents each who wouldn't (someone who is not addicted?).  I am going to take them all to the bach and leave them there - easy rubbishy summer reads.

A bunch of Healthy Food Guides - these are mostly from last year, and I wasn't buying them then so are ones I don't have.

Another book from the .50 cent table.  The Girl is happy, especially seeing as she has recently discovered my old Care Bear.

I also picked up some clothes for The Girl to put away for next year.  The pink skirt and top are from Pumpkin Patch and the red bunny top from Cotton On.

DVD's for the kids.  Who doesn't need a pile of DVD's to watch during winter.

And lastly this platter.  Made in China, nothing special, but I really like the pattern on it and don't own an oval platter.

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Max said...

50c a book is brilliant, i'd go mad on them too. The little girls skirt i9s very pretty and I agree, the pattern on the plate is lovely x