Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Op Shopping - Cook Books

I am having a love affair with my slow cooker.  I do every winter.  So how could I pass by slow cooker cook books in my oppy today?  Was also keen on The Low Carb Bible as I (but not the rest of the family) try and eat low carb at night time.  Yes, more books ..... its an obsession, I tell ya .....

Slow cookers have to be one of the best kitchen inventions ever.  I seriously lag in energy at the end of a manic day child wrangling and office working, and sometimes cooking dinner feels like such a chore.  That's why I love my slow cooker.  I do it all in the morning when I have the energy, and can present the family with an amazing meal at the end of the day when all I feel like doing is collapsing into the chair and ignoring the world.

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Leonie said...

Yay for you and your slow cooker! We dont have one but cook extra big meals to have them last at least a couple of nights!