Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Op Shopping - The Final Haul Before Shifting

Awesome haul today from Habitat for Humanity and the SPCA Op Shop.  Crazy really, that I am shifting house in three days and here I am bringing more stuff in to be boxed and shifted.

The SPCA Op Shop along the Te Rapa straight has everything half price until the end of the month.  This place is chocka full of awesomeness.

 Old Soda Stream bottles, $1 each which I was happy to pay  - I am going to use these at the kids birthday parties

This makes me so happy and will feature again soon.  It was a bit pricey, $6, but I just love it. I actually drove back specially to get this as I decided at first I didn't need it.  I do.

Agee Preserving Jar - $1.50.  Can never have enough of these.

Green tin bucket which I will use as a base for a cupcake bouquet - $1.50

Big bucket of Mega Blocks for The Girl - $5 - the kids fight over this stuff daily as The Girl often steals the boys blocks so hopefully having her own will stop that.  Probably not.

More books...

Unused sticker books for the kids - .50c each.  These will live in my handbag.

For my new sewing room, it needs a good clean but was only $7.50.  I am going to fill it with my fat quarters and cotton.  

I also brought Danger Mouse a pile of bible story pre-schooler readers and a heap of kid sized coat hangers for The Girls wardrobe.  

Three sleeps till a new house.

Joining in at the Op Shop Show Off.


country girl said...

Great score! I LOVE the soda stream bottles.

Leonie said...

Wow's! such a great score! those shelves are awesome and love love the sodastream bottles!

Max said...

far out, you did good, no great lady! i would have taken all those things home for sure, and i love the idea of soda stream bottles for kids birthday parties-have added that to my oppy wishlist now.
all the best with the move x

Max said...

ps let me know what confessions of an eco shopper is like if you get chance, it looks like something i'd enjoy x

mamaathome said...

I love this post!! I love op shopping but seriously lack the time to do it properly. Great scores. Especially love the yellow vase, I have a friend who would LOVE that!! Awesome!!

Ram Charan said...

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Leonie said...

oh wow! I haven't had a chance to go op shopping since I started working... but I miss it. Love those sodastream bottles.