Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Op Shopping - The Final Haul Before Shifting

Awesome haul today from Habitat for Humanity and the SPCA Op Shop.  Crazy really, that I am shifting house in three days and here I am bringing more stuff in to be boxed and shifted.

The SPCA Op Shop along the Te Rapa straight has everything half price until the end of the month.  This place is chocka full of awesomeness.

 Old Soda Stream bottles, $1 each which I was happy to pay  - I am going to use these at the kids birthday parties

This makes me so happy and will feature again soon.  It was a bit pricey, $6, but I just love it. I actually drove back specially to get this as I decided at first I didn't need it.  I do.

Agee Preserving Jar - $1.50.  Can never have enough of these.

Green tin bucket which I will use as a base for a cupcake bouquet - $1.50

Big bucket of Mega Blocks for The Girl - $5 - the kids fight over this stuff daily as The Girl often steals the boys blocks so hopefully having her own will stop that.  Probably not.

More books...

Unused sticker books for the kids - .50c each.  These will live in my handbag.

For my new sewing room, it needs a good clean but was only $7.50.  I am going to fill it with my fat quarters and cotton.  

I also brought Danger Mouse a pile of bible story pre-schooler readers and a heap of kid sized coat hangers for The Girls wardrobe.  

Three sleeps till a new house.

Joining in at the Op Shop Show Off.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Simple Fathers Day Photo Project

This Fathers Day idea has been floating around Pinterest for a while.  I really like the simplicity of it, yet its really effective.  I don't think it matters how many children you have, you can just get creative.  5 children spell Daddy.  With 2 children you can take single pictures of them each with a D, and both of them together with the A.  Four children you can do Dad and the last child holding a big love heart.  One child can do a photo with each letter.  Its endless and easy!

Decide which way you are going to take each photo.  For our 3 photos, most frames are either portrait OR landscape, not a mix of both.   I started taking a mix of both before realising I had to be more consistent.  And take a heap of each child so you can match them together at similar distances, depth and hopefully exposures.  I am totally no expert though remember, I just found I had some photos that didn't match and taking heaps of each child really helped with picking similar photos.

The kids really enjoyed their mini photo shoots.

And I love the finished product.  I am sure the hubby will too.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sprinkle Cake - Fail?

Happy Birthday today to my hubby.  A wonderful husband, fun and dedicated daddy and the best darn concrete business owner around.

I attempted to make him a Sprinkle Cake and I admit it was a bit of a failure.  First attempt and I know for next time to make a more solid cake (Carrot Cake wasn't the best choice, way too soft to level and handle).  There were bare patches around the edges and it was rather lumpy.

Still tasted amazing and the hubby was impressed.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Nose Day

We support this cause every year.  Happy Red Nose Day everyone.

Still Packing ...

I am surrounded in boxes, little balls of fluff (where do they come from) and general chaos.  And piles of little random things that seem to appear while packing yet seem to not make it into any specific boxes.

One week to go till we shift.  Really excited!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Op Shopping - Love New Clothes

I found time in between packing my house and cleaning to sneak to the oppies and treated myself to some new clothes.  I love adding to my wardrobe cheaply.  And there is some truth when I reply to hubby "New?  No this old thing - its been around for ages...."  

Ricochet Top

Just Jeans Dress

Max Cardigan - I love slouching around in a slouchy cardy ..

OK, this is a kinda freaky looking Elmo - but I am into it.  

And Billabong jeans.

So that little lot set me back $35.  And I can never not come away with something for the kids.

For the 2 year old Hi5 fan in the house - .50c

And Angry Birds for the boys - .50c also.

Right, back to packing ... sigh ....

Monday, August 12, 2013

Change is Afoot ....

Things might be a bit quiet on here over the next four weeks.

We are shifting.  I absolutely love to pack, clean and shift house ... said no-one, ever....

I am looking forward to having a vegetable garden again.  And a sewing room - bliss!!!

So while I will try to get on here, I am not sure there will be much crafting, definitely no baking (haven't done much of that for months, will not start now), op-shopping or new discoveries going on for a bit.  Well, that's a lie actually - of course I'll continue to op-shop.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Op Shopping - Cook Books

I am having a love affair with my slow cooker.  I do every winter.  So how could I pass by slow cooker cook books in my oppy today?  Was also keen on The Low Carb Bible as I (but not the rest of the family) try and eat low carb at night time.  Yes, more books ..... its an obsession, I tell ya .....

Slow cookers have to be one of the best kitchen inventions ever.  I seriously lag in energy at the end of a manic day child wrangling and office working, and sometimes cooking dinner feels like such a chore.  That's why I love my slow cooker.  I do it all in the morning when I have the energy, and can present the family with an amazing meal at the end of the day when all I feel like doing is collapsing into the chair and ignoring the world.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Serious Side to Parenting

Sprat broke his arm on the school playground this week.  I watched it happen.  Saw him fall, saw his arm break, had my heart squeezed by his screams of pain.

Its funny how when you relay stories like this, people often say how in that situation they wouldn't be able to handle it.  Its hard to know how you are going to react until it happens.  I am standing in the playground, holding my precious child with his crazy bent arm, trying to soothe his screams, trying to decide if I will make it all the way out to my car with him and a pre-schooler and toddler in tow, or do I call an ambulance, should I take him to the school office (but its after school hours), where did The Girl go, why are the other parents not helping, did Danger Mouse really climb up there just then that quick ..... and on the outside I am calm.  

On the inside I am nearly giving way to complete panic.  But motherly protection takes over - I can't scare my child further by freaking out (as much as inwardly I am) so I need to take a deep breath, and stay calm.  Soothing voice, gentle touches and rational thinking.  This is where I need to be a serious parent - clear headed, quick thinking, calm, loving, organised and protective.

Thankfully a parent or teacher helped herd Danger Mouse and The Girl, with their bikes, towards the school office for me.  Thankfully the school office calmed Sprat down while I took the two kids and got the car and brought it around to the front of the school.  Thankfully the hubby happened to be driving past the back gate as I emerged and was able to make it back to Sprat before me.  

Unfortunately due to how the bones broke it couldn't be cast at our local doctors, so we had to go to Waikato Hospital, where Sprat had to be heavily sedated so they could straighten his arm and cast it there.  And still I stayed calm. Joking with the doctors and nurses.  Watching the crazy effects of sedation take over my child and acting like I am cool with it.  Calling family and keeping them informed. Dutifully being amazed by how wonderfully we were being looked after.

Once the sedation had worn off, the erratic behavior had somewhat stopped and we had the all clear, we were allowed to go home.  Still calm.  I drove my baby home, got him comfortable in bed, waited till he fell asleep and cried my heart out.

I am so glad the past few days are over.  Serious parenting is exhausting, tiresome and worrisome.   A small part of me is relieved to know that I was able to keep it together in that situation, but another part of me wonders if the situation was more serious would of I given in to that pure panic. I hope I never have to find out.

Hug your children close, they are so precious and wonderful.

On a lighter note we'll be enjoying painting Sprats white canvas tomorrow and making an artwork for him to take to school on Monday and show off.  And he has a really cool story to tell his mates.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Op Shopping - Really, More Books ...

I carried a box of stuff out of my local Habitat for Humanity today.  I guess I am making up for a few weeks off....

I brought more books.  I know.  Its an addiction.  But at .50 cents each who wouldn't (someone who is not addicted?).  I am going to take them all to the bach and leave them there - easy rubbishy summer reads.

A bunch of Healthy Food Guides - these are mostly from last year, and I wasn't buying them then so are ones I don't have.

Another book from the .50 cent table.  The Girl is happy, especially seeing as she has recently discovered my old Care Bear.

I also picked up some clothes for The Girl to put away for next year.  The pink skirt and top are from Pumpkin Patch and the red bunny top from Cotton On.

DVD's for the kids.  Who doesn't need a pile of DVD's to watch during winter.

And lastly this platter.  Made in China, nothing special, but I really like the pattern on it and don't own an oval platter.