Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Worst Mummy of the Year Award

I won this today.  Short and sweet.  I was busy taking photos for this blog and I forgot to pick Sprat up from school .... BAD MUMMY!

Thankfully school is only 1km away, and I managed to get there not that long after the bell rang.  My poor boy was sitting in his classroom, shoulders slumped and looking so dejected.  Cue my heart breaking.  The kids and I must of looked a wonderful sight - Danger Mouse was half naked and covered in green marker pen, The Girl was drenched from head to toe and I was rather frazzled.

Bad bad bad mummy.  I have never let my blog, crafting time or otherwise come before the kids.  Danger Mouse and The Girl were having so much fun watching me prance around in my op shop finds.  We were pretending to model and Danger Mouse was trying his hardest to photo bomb me on every photo.  In between my clothing changes The Girl was rushing out to the fountain in the garden and bringing back rocks to put in a little bag she found (hence the wet child).  Maybe we were having too much fun to realise what the time was?

Naughty mummy.  No super mummy in this house today. 

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