Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen

Danger Mouse loves helping me in the kitchen.  Every time I bake, he drags up a stool and begs to pour, sift and roll.  It has taken me a while to truly relax and let him go for it.  Yes, Mrs Control Freak here - if the biscuits were not rolled nicely I would have to redo them.  I would freak if he sifted flour all over the place. Its taken me a while to get over myself, and its actually been really hard, but I have managed to let go of the control and just watch him enjoy himself creating ... or destructing.  Same thing when you are 3.

So why not throw him in at the deep end and get him icing cupcakes with a bag and tip.  I wasn't expecting great things, thinking the bag would possibly be too big for him to handle, and the icing too hard to squeeze out.  I was imagining towers of icing overflowing each cake.  I even thought the tip would end up loading massive amounts of icing straight into his mouth.  Of course I underestimated him.  This kid has been taking it all in.

He even got all creative on me and topped each cupcake with a flower of pink.  I reckon by age 5 I'll have him swirling beautiful creations on cupcakes! 

I am so pleased I have managed to let go of my parental dominating control when it comes to baking.  Danger Mouse is awesome in the kitchen.

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