Friday, October 19, 2012

Afghan Biscuits - The First Bake in the New Place

It has been a totally crazy 2 weeks.  We've been in our new place for a week now, and I am living in a surround of unpacked boxes, piles of 'stuff' that don't have homes yet and general day to day mess.

The children are finding the transition hard and keep asking me when we are going back to our old house to live.  I really want to get the house totally sorted and unpacked to help with them settling, but the energy is eluding me and I am struggling big time.  And am sure it doesn't help that we still haven't found the box that has the boys much loved matchbox cars in it ... Usually by now I am totally unpacked and sorted - am I getting older and slower haha?  Whoo hoo for the long weekend this weekend, no commitments and time to just hang, settle and cruise at our own pace.

I decided to give the kitchen a trial run and bake some Afghan biscuits, using the recipe here from Baking Makes Things Better. 

I haven't found my flow in the kitchen yet, but know it takes a while to get used to something new.  Lucky I had my wee helper to assist.

And while we were busy creating, The Girl decided that it would be the perfect time to escape outside and go for a ride in the rain ... why not?

The hubby assured me the biscuits were devine, as all of the recipes off Baking Makes Things Better are!  I am into week 6 of my 12 Week Summer Challenge, so there is no baking for me.  Here is a bit of trumpet blowing though - 5.7kgs lost in 5 weeks.  Hard work, dedication, determination and self control of crazy sugar cravings - I am just a little bit proud.   When I am finished I will post before and after photos.  If I am brave. 

Roll on this weekend for some quality family time and settling in!

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