Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Op Shopping Stash

Its been a while.  Again. 

I felt totally compelled to go yesterday, and found myself a stash of pretty summer dresses at Habitat for Humanity.  Time for a bit of boasting.  As mentioned previously I am half way (6 weeks) through my Spring into Summer Challenge.  To date I have lost close to 6.5kgs, and still have 6 weeks to go.  The dresses I brought are all size 12's.  My booty ain't seen a size 12 for a number of years.  Yea baby.  So I took some REALLY bad photos of me wearing my new dresses, because I was overly excited and very proud.  I love dresses.

I have no idea what these cost individually, but all up my stash of all the things below cost me $42.  There were also some books but these made their way straight into the childrens stash.

This is an English label I don't recognise, but is beautifully made and fully lined.
Ezibuy (love how I ironed it for the photo huh ...)

Jay Jays - I may turn this one into something for Ada as love the material but maybe not in a dress for me..

 This next one I love, but not with bare white legs.  You get the idea though...
Pumpkin Patch Skirt for Ada

Another skirt for Ada

Pumpkin Patch jeans for Ada

 Blue doilies 

And for the boys, my most favourite purchase of the lot.

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OP SHOP MAMA said...

Excellent scores! So good getting kids clothes there - they grow out of them so fast!
We have that puzzle too - op shopped of course!

Great dresses for you too!