Friday, April 27, 2012

Shaving Foam Painting

This is a favourite activity in our house.  I often coincide it with when my windows need cleaning, because the children love to paint the foam on, and then love to wash it off again.  Means all my windows are nice and sparkly afterwards with minimal effort from me.  Clever huh!

I buy cheap cans of budget shaving foam from the supermarket, squirt it into empty ice cream containers, mix in a bit of food colouring and let the children go for it.  They usually start on the windows, and then move to their bikes and other outside toys.

Today was the first time Danger Mouse played with the foam without Sprat.  He wasn't being told what to do (bless Sprat), so he decided it would be more fun to paint himself. 

The Girl had a go today as well.  This isn't really an activity for babies, as the foam is toxic to eat and will sting if it gets in their eyes, but I was closely monitoring her so felt happy with her playing in it.

I filled up the water trough afterwards with warm water so they could clean themselves up.

Danger Mouse wanted to clean his shorts.  He tried to climb into the trough to clean them, but with a gentle suggestion from me he realised he could take them off and clean them in the water, then put them back on again!  A great lesson for him!

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