Sunday, April 8, 2012

Marbled Jelly Bean Eggs

I saw this idea in my latest Thats Life magazine.  My egg turned out WAY brighter than I expected, but I am still really pleased with the result and will be making these as gifts next Easter.

What you need:
Egg shaped chocolate moulds
White Nestle Melts
Gel colouring in your choice of colours
Jelly beans

Polish your chocolate moulds with cotton balls or muslin. 

Melt your chocolate (follow packet instructions) and divide the chocolate between three bowls.  Tint two portions in your choice of colours and leave one white.  Let it cool slightly.

Spoon equal amounts of each chocolate into each mould, half filling each one.  Using the back of a spoon, swirl the chocolate up the sides of the mould.  Balancing the moulds so they are lying even, place them into the fridge for a quick set or a cool dark place (not the fridge) for a slower set.  Chocolate is better set outside the fridge, so if you have the time, place it in a cool dark place.  I left mine in the cupboard overnight.  You know when it is set as the chocolate appears dull and will of shrunk away from the sides of the mould.

Carefully remove the chocolate from the mould.  I am not sure if there is a trick to this, apart from making sure your chocolate has fully set and being VERY careful!

For the next bit you need to be quick! The hubby helped me here.  Get the right amount of jelly beans for half filling your egg ready to go.  Heat a clean, dry and empty saucepan and gently place, one at a time, each egg flat side down onto the warm bottom until they melt slightly.  Be fast here.  Quickly place the jelly beans into one half and join the two halves together, holding for a few seconds until they are set together.

You can choose to also seal the two eggs together with left over melted chocolate instead of the above, but I liked melting the edges as it evened out any lumps or ridges on the edges and sealed it much neater.

You can now wrap in cellophane or foil egg wrapping and give as gifts.  The hubby and I have decided next year we are going to make these and fill with non edible treats, such as a match box car etc to make our own versions of Kinder Surprises for the children. 

I haven't worked with chocolate much, aside from dabbling each Christmas in making my own moulded chocolates, and I have decided I really enjoy it and am looking forward to next Easter so I can really have a good play.

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