Friday, April 13, 2012

Dollar Shop Blow Pens

I have been collecting a few 'rainy' day activities for the children lately. Its my contingency plan for the days when I am feeling really under the weather and the kids need entertaining. Some of them are things I have picked up from the Dollar Shop and others are activity packs I have put together myself.

Something that has been great entertainment for the children the last few days is our 3 man tent. We put it up in the back yard and have been letting the children 'go camping' each afternoon after kindy.  We had really heavy rain last night, and because I didn't have the outside cover over it, its now a swimming pool and its too cold to play out in the water this afternoon (as fun as that would be)!

So I needed a dry activity and picked some Blow Pens out of the activity draw.

They said they were for 4 years plus but I figured Danger Mouse would be able to handle them and he did really well.

They probably are not really an inside activity - they can spray quite far and are not washable, but I explained to the boys they needed to be careful and I was really impressed at the care they took.

I had to have a go.  And who knows why, but I am now sporting lovely blue lips and a blue nostril.  It won't wash off.  I do need to go out this afternoon and am not sure how I am going to conceal it.

I am sure I can probably make some of these that are a bit more cleaner friendly, but overall the boys were extremely entertained and did really well.  And they can be used over and over.  Maybe next time I'll just leave it up to the boys to play though and avoid the additional face colour.

The Girl wanted to join in, so as I often do I set her up in her highchair with paper and some Crayola Pip-Squeaks washable markers.

And in case you are interested in some of the things that are hiding in my activity draw, I have GloSticks (great to put in the bathtub at night time with the kids); pipe cleaners and beads; stencils; colouring in sheets printed off the Internet; stickers; balloons; a few puzzles brought from the second hand shop that the boys haven't seen yet; magazine cut outs, glitter and glue for collage; masking tape (for masking tape roads!), just to name a few.  I am going to make a concentrated effort to sneak more into this draw so I can surprise the kids with fun activities on those 'trying' days that all mummies have!

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