Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sprats Robot Party

My baby boy is 5!  I hate the saying they grow up so fast.  But it is so true! 

He decided on a Robot Theme for his 5th birthday, and I have had heaps of fun trawling the internet getting ideas for his birthday party.  Here are a few pics of the day.

Mini cupcakes.  I decided as children often only eat the icing off cupcakes I would try mini cupcakes, and the kids ate the whole lot.  In the back ground are marshmallows dipped in coloured white chocolate.

Cosmic Cookies - idea inspired from here.

The birthday cake, which I found on Pinterest - check out the link here.

Food table

Contents of the loot bags.  Nuts and Bolts link found here with free printables

We had the children decorate their own robots, which they got to take home with them.  Hubby drew the robot and cut them all out on cardstock and I just brought a heap of stickers, glue, paint, pens, poms poms and pipe cleaners from the Dollar Store and let them go for it.

Some of the finished masterpieces.

Sprat loved his day and told me I was the bestest mummy in the world.  Love.

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Miriam said...

awesome - love all the cool ideas