Monday, October 21, 2013

Treasure Jars

Danger Mouse is an avid treasure hunter and collector.  We cannot go anywhere without him coming home with his pockets full of 'treasure'.  Often I end up carrying a random rock, have special leaves stuffed in my pockets or a little piece of plastic slipped into my purse to carry.

He needs a place to store his special items, that will display them as well.  I have seen floating all over Pinterest  jars with animals glued to the lids, spray painted bright colours, and thought we'd have a go at the same thing.

I brought some nice big jars from Mitre 10.  I wanted something bigger than a mason jar for Danger Mouse. He collects a lot of stuff.  Animals from a dollar store which the hubby glued to the lids using expoxy adhesive.  Hopefully these animals won't be falling off.

And the kids dictated that they wanted them exactly as they were.  Who am I to argue?  Although slightly disappointed - I really wanted to let loose with some spray paint!

The kids have them displayed on their dressing tables and Danger Mouse is already excitedly telling me about all the treasure hunting trips we'll be doing this week.

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Leonie said...

They're cool! something we've been meaning to do for ages too! No doubt the kids love them!