Thursday, October 17, 2013

Op Shopping - Tea Cup Trios

Moan and ye shall receive..... no, not really.....  But I did have a whinge to a friend only a few days ago about how its been months since I have found any teacup trios in the oppies lately.  And today I found two!  A lovely coincidence and I take back everything I said in my moan about my first world op-shopping problems.  *blush*

I love this.  Its Royal Vale and very well loved and used.  I don't actually believe its a true set - I think the saucer is an impostor.  I could be wrong, but I think with these sets the spots were all the same colour.  But I love it all the same and by the wear I think the previous owner did as well.

This is Queen Anne and quite a common set, but so pretty and in beautiful condition.  

Our local SaveMart was having a 50% off sale, so on the same op-shopping trip I picked up a massive bundle of clothing for the children, along with more books.  I miss having the children around me when they go back to school and kindy, but it does mean I get to op-shop in peace.  


Max said...

Yes, pretty sure the royal vale all match. I used to have the yellow polka dot set. Cant believe i got rid of it in a i've got too much junk purge, they are cute x

Leonie said...

Oh thedhlue spots are so gorgeous! Love them, set or no set :)