Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Up-cycled Chair Take 2

Finally one of the three old wooden chairs I have been carting around for months on end has been up-cycled for use in my sewing room.  The hubby is very happy to see one less old chair sitting in his garage.  He threatens to dispose of them each time he visits the dump.

I have done one before, the previous post is here, and I basically followed the same instructions except this time I primed the chair twice before painting.

It started off rather humble.

I love the finished result.  Now I just need to finish the sewing room.


Leonie said...

Looks fantastic Julie! well done you!

Schulz Family said...

It looks awesome. My husband too threatens to chuck stuff out.

Fay said...

Love it! So pretty.

Leanne M said...

You've done a great job, black and white is such a classic combo and I love the pattern on the fabric.