Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Robot Quilt

A Robot Quilt for Danger Mouse.  I finished it late at night and put it on his bed while he was sleeping.  I was greeted with a very excited squeal, followed by a massive hug of excitement when he woke.  I am so glad he likes it.

This isn't my most favourite quilt I've made.  I loved the fabrics when I purchased them, but as I cut them and starting piecing it, it just wasn't coming together like I had imagined.  Sam saw it at this stage and loved it, so I decided as he was happy with it I'd stop fussing and just leave it as it is. It will probably bug me forever that it is not quite right to me ....

I had it quilted by Ashleigh at Donna's Quilt Studio and she quilted it in blue to try and tone down the green, and with the blue binding it has somewhat worked.  Its backed in a beautiful blue mink fabric so is super snuggly and warm.

Danger Mouse is extremely happy in his corner of the bedroom.

Now it must be time to work on some quilts for me!


Leonie said...

It looks great Julie and the main thing is that he adores it! Well done you for finishing :) Looking forward to seeing your next ones :)

A little bit Country said...

I love it. All the colours are wonderful. I've just started learning how to sew/quilt. I can't wait to make my first quilt. xo