Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - A Bit of Art

I have to stop myself from wearing this skirt everyday.  I am rather obsessed with it.  I tend to get really focused on one favourite piece of clothing and wear it till I am sick of it.  Or it falls apart.  A bit like when you are a teenager and have a favourite song that you play on repeat every spare minute of your day until you can't bear to hear it anymore.

So I only allow myself to wear this once a week as I want the joy to last.  I know, it does sound pretty crazy, but we all have our quirks.

I picked this up from the markets in Whitiangia over the summer, but the lady who makes them is actually based in Raglan and is often at the Tamahere Markets in Hamilton.  Check out her website, she makes some awesome stuff -

The bird is hand painted, and I love the doillies.  I team it up with a plain white singlet and my much loved and very worn jandels.  Perfect casual summer outfit.

I found this necklace at the markets at Cooks Beach over summer as well.  I may have a thing for birds?

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1 comment:

Charlie said...

It is beautiful. Just do it - wear it everyday. You know where she is so you can get a new one when this one has been loved to death! Thanks for letting us know about this maker.