Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marbled Eggs for Easter

Pictures of these eggs have been floating around Pinterest in the lead up to Easter.  I thought they'd be a great surprise addition to the kids lunchboxes this week, so gave them a trial run last night.

They do look more like they would suit Halloween though, than Easter, don't you think?

Easy to make.  Just hard boil your eggs.  Gently crack the surface with a spoon or by rolling along the bench top.  Pop into a ziplock bag with food colouring of your choice.  Rub the eggs so the food colouring covers the whole surface.  Pop onto a rack to dry, ensuring there is newspaper underneath to catch any drips of colouring.  Once dry, peel.

This was my afternoon tea.  The St Patricks Day meets Halloween edition?

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OP SHOP MAMA said...

Oh wow these are freaky looking but very cool! I know my kids would love to do these.. but not sure if they'd eat them? Did your kids? Actually my kids prob would. they eat all kinds of weird stuff!