Monday, March 11, 2013

Seriously The Best Playdough

This has to be the best playdough ever.  I've tried quite a few over the last 5 years and this by far has been the best.

It will last for months in an airtight container, and makes a nice big batch so its great to share amongst a group of children (the above photo is only half a batch).

1 cup salt
7 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons Creme of Tarter
Food colouring
4 cups of boiling water
5 cups of white flour

In a big bowl, mix together the salt, oil, Creme of Tarter, colouring and boiling water.  Mix through the flour with a wooden spoon and leave it till its cool enough to knead into a nice smooth, silky dough.

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Miriam said...

playdough is so awesome :o) Do link in to the B.M.W.B linky too if you want to x