Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Op Shopping - A Plate I Love

This was my prize op shop find this week.  I am so in love with it.  Its from the Noritake Bahama Collection and is in pristine condition and cost me pretty much nothing.  The hubby thinks its hideous.  I am displaying it on top of my china cabinet, which I am extremely happy about, and him not so much.

I brought it to the couch with me tonight while I was writing this post and his reaction was "What, so now you are watching TV with your plate?".  I wonder what he'll say when I bring it to bed with me tonight....

My other find was this gorgeous vintage Holdson puzzle, which Danger Mouse has claimed as his own.

Joining in over here at Op Shop Show Off.


Max said...

Lol at your husbands comment! The plate is a beauty, just love those colours. Its the kind of plate that makes me want to clear space and make a plate wall. Lovely to have you linking up-have a great week x

Catherine said...

Isn't it such a buzz when you find something so cool, that you love so much, for next to nothing...& it's useful. Might be a bit of a struggle convincing hubby that you mow want to collect a whole dinner set in that pattern though eh ; ) xx