Monday, February 4, 2013

Markers on the Rampage

I thought I had learnt years ago to get rid of all markers from our house that were not washable.  Crayola Washable Markers are the only ones allowed through our front door.  So far, I haven't found anything they don't wash off.

One Christmas a few years back, we were given 3 of those artwork sets.  You know the ones, they have crayons, markers, pencils, paints etc all in one handy carry case.  Knowing the markers were almost permanent, I packed them away in our craft corner, well out of sight, waiting until the boys got old enough to be trusted not to draw over the house with them. 

I took them away with us to the beach this summer deciding they would really handy for rainy day entertainment.  And with 11 cousins all together, they were brilliant.  Apart from when The Girl got hold of a few markers and drew on the dining room table, and we had to scrub it for half an hour to get the pen out.

Problem is, I should of left them at the beach.  When we got home, I dumped them in the office and thought I'd get around to putting them away properly later.  And as the story usually goes, that 'later' never came.  The Girl found them didn't she.  And this is the fun she had in the space of around 13 minutes while I was cooking dinner and not really watching her properly ..... I am extremely grateful that she was outside with them.  I cringe to imagine the damage if it was inside.  I might add that she had some help in the form of Danger Mouse.  But so far he is denying all damages and claiming it was "nobody".

The trailer took the first hit, and was obviously the marker hide out.
The house had a turn.

The concrete has some lovely new features.


Rebekah said...

The pink bike wins all! Im laughing! Beks

Roho said...

O. M. G.!!!