Thursday, February 7, 2013

Homemade Crayons

I can finally now tick this off "I Want to Try This" List.  I made my own crayons.  I have had a bag of broken crayons that I've been adding to for about 2 years.  Yes, sadly, its taken that long for me to get around to trying this craft.

The Girl likes to snap crayons.  And then painstakingly peels the paper off them and leaves it all over the house.  Then she eats them.  Then spits them out into a big sticky colourful disgusting mess. 

No chance now kid. 

The verdict?  She tried to snap them but couldn't.  She likes to use them as pretend glasses.  And stack them and put them in a row.  And look at the pretty mottled colours on the bottom of them.  They were a bit hard (as in solid), so she had to press really hard to get them to mark.  Danger Mouse had more luck using them as crayons than The Girl did.  She had a tantrum that I wouldn't let her carry them to school to pick up Sprat.  She likes them.  Possibly just not for the use they were made for. 

I have ordered some different shaped small silicone baking trays, and when they arrive I'll make some more in smaller shapes.  I have plenty of broken crayons to melt.

Pinterest is full of pins about homemade crayons.  Or if you Google homemade crayon it'll come up with 2,880,000 results.  I don't need to add yet another blog post on how to make these.

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Miriam said...

cute I've been on the look out for small silicon trays for that very thing