Friday, February 8, 2013

Chocolate Chia Seed Cake

We found out not so long ago that Danger Mouse, whom is madcat crazy, might not actually be as mad as we thought.  That he is in fact dealing with a heap of food intolerance's, which could be attributing to his behaviour (I am claiming its the food, otherwise its genes.  Definitely his Dad's ....). 

So my cooking and baking for him is slowly evolving.  He is intolerant to sugar, wheat, dairy and a heap of preservatives and colourings.  Not to mention a pile of randoms, including dust mites, perfumes and pyrethrins.  I am trying hard to eradicate the food intolerance's from his diet.

Its not easy.  Its not that fun.  Its proving to be expensive.  But its worth it, in bucketfuls. 

I've decided sugar is going to be the hardest intolerance to deal with.  It comes in lots of processed and natural forms.  So the first thing I am doing is getting rid of the processed forms, then will go from there.  I am hoping the naturally occurring sugars in pure food have no effect on him.  Fingers crossed.

Thankfully there are a heap of brilliant blogs out there written by mummies with a heap of experience in food intolerance's, who love to share their recipes.  Otherwise I'd be stuck!

Which is how I came across this Chocolate Chia Seed Cake recipe.  I didn't add cranberries and used organic coconut palm sugar for my sweetener.  Yes, still sugar, but I'm hoping because its not highly processed, is preservative free, unfiltered and is low GI it will be OK.  As I am still a bit green on this whole healthy thing, I used raw cacao instead of raw cocoa.  They might be the same thing.  I haven't bothered to research it to find out.  I also used pure virgin olive oil instead of the butter.

The kids loved it.  I had an argument with them because I wouldn't give them thirds.  An absolute winner.  It has an amazingly moist texture, is oddly grainy, yet has a lovely rich chocolaty taste.  Definitely not your traditional cake, but lovely all the same.


Roho said...

Why does yours look so much nicer than the picture on the page with the recipe? :)

So how about the sugar in honey, is that a no go too?

Julie said...

Does it? I can't stop eating it - its super YUM!!

I won't use it as a spread, but will use raw honey in baking. Its sweet (therefore delicious!!).