Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - Rediscovering

I love jeans.  As stated last week, I wear them all the time.  I find them so convenient while I am rushing about in my mummy madness - I can bend over and pick up the baby, bend in and out of the car, rush about in the wind, dress them up, slouch them down ... I love jeans.  I did say I would make an effort on a Wednesday to stay out of jeans, but today has been BUSY and I needed to be comfy.  Jeans make me comfy.  And I strangely feel feminine in jeans as well. 

I own lots of jeans.  I pick them up at the Salvation Army for $6 a pair and I must currently own about 8 pairs. 

Todays outfit has lots of excitement attached.  The fact I can fit my top again.  It wasn't that I couldn't before - I just couldn't fit it nicely.  Now there is no muffin top and mummy pouch poking out to say hi.  I had a heap of comments today on the top - I had forgotten how much attention it draws.

I am having lots of fun rediscovering my wardrobe.  There has been alot of things hanging in it that I just couldn't wear.  Now they can start seeing the light of day again.

My outfit today;  Top - brought in a Farmers sale about 3 years ago, Jeans - $6 from Salvation Army, Sandals - brought in Whitianga (I only own about 3 pairs of shoes ... this needs to change).

Danger Mouse wanted to show off his new clothes I brought him this week.

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Miriam said...

ha he is so cute and that top is SO pretty and feminine. I need to try getting some jeans at the oppy - it seems like lots of work but no more than jeans shopping I guess!

Manda said...

Ha! We have the same against-the-fence-with-little-ones photos for WW this week! I have too many pairs of jeans too (at least 15 pairs), but am really really trying to curb my addiction.

Cat said...

Nothing wrong with jeans I say!
My uniform is pretty much jeans and/or black!
Looking great!

Kelly McLuckie said...

I agree - lots of jeans is good :) And why not wear what makes us feel good. Linking up via Wardrobe Wednesday xo

Kelly McLuckie said...

I agree, jeans are good and wear what makes you feel great!

Linking up via Wardrobe Wednesday :)