Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Tradition - Book Advent

Im starting a new Christmas Tradition with the children this year - a Book Advent.  This idea has been floating around Pinterest for a while and I've been organised enough this year to pull it off.

Basically the idea is to take 24 Christmas books and wrap them all up.  Starting from 1 December your children choose one book a night, each night, leading to Christmas Day. 

I raided our massive book collection and managed to come up with 18 Christmas stories.  I then selected 6 of the childrens favourite stories to mix in amongst the Christmas books to make 24.  To avoid any arguments, which are sure to happen if I don't do this, the picking starts in order from youngest to oldest and rotating each night that way.

I also think for Christmas Eve I might sneak a new Christmas book in with the last book as an extra special treat. 

I am so excited about this!  We love to read at bedtime in our house and I couldn't think of a tradition that would be more perfect for our children.

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Miriam said...

what a cool way to do it. Mine get a new Christmas book each year on Dec first. Have you entered my giveaway for another Christmas book?