Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Biggest Adventures in the Smallest of Trips

Since shifting house, we have a wonderful new way to walk to school.  Its an approximate 1.4km walk, and during this time we pass numerous ponds and waterways, cross bridges, pass a huge storm water drain, walk through the bush and past a swamp and end up on a busy main road for a few hundred metres.

On what could potentially be a stress filled rush to get to school in time, is now a different adventure every morning.  We now leave 20 minutes earlier than we need to, so we have time to stop along the way and climb things, feed the ducks, watch the Pukekos and count the trucks go by.

Children see things SO differently to us adults and I really encourage all parents to slow down to your childrens pace and find adventure with them.  I hope my children will have many special memories of slow, meandering walks to school with mum.

The photos I have taken below are not the best quality as they were from my phone.

Through the bush.  The boys were riding ahead and hiding in the bushes to jump out and scare me.
The wall Danger Mouse insists on climbing every day

Little Miss Independent hates being in the pushchair and will walk the whole way to school.  Often in barefeet.  Shes a kiwi kid!

We always stop here and listen for the water.  The boys think its hilarious when I tell them the water we hear is from peoples toilets.  I really must research this ...

We must say hello to the ducks every morning and the children get really upset if the ducks are not there to greet them.

When was the last time you slowed down to your childs pace and saw things from their level?

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