Saturday, December 1, 2012

Activity Advent Calandar

I love that its the 1st December today.  It means all our Christmas decorations went up, and we were able to start both our Book Advent and our Activity Advent Calandar.

Last year I made a gorgeous Christmas Stocking Advent Calandar.  I filled it with chocolate treats, but this year wanted to try different Christmas activities.  The children receive so much at Christmas time, and I really want to instill in them the joy of giving, along with the fun that can be had from different activites.  I think it will help in the anticipation of the big day as well. 

We opened the first one today, which was to put up the Christmas decorations, and Sprat asked me where the treats were ..... I have no doubt he'll get the hang of it after a few days.

The hubby and I had fun thinking up ideas of things we can do with the kids.  I wrote them all into a December calandar so I know what is coming up each day and can be organised.   I then printed off some labels from here, wrote them all out and put them into date order into the stockings.

Our list, in order, is:
  1. Decorate the Christmas Tree
  2. Have a Christmas bath, complete with glo sticks, carols playing, bubbles, candles and red and green body soap
  3. Take funny photos wearing Santa Hats and get printed
  4. Make Fluffy Stuff Snow (instructions here)
  5. Make and decorate Gingerbread men
  6. Do some Christmas colouring in
  7. Treats (the kids are going away to their Grandparents for a special weekend away)
  8. Movie night at Grandma and Poppas (The Polar Express)
  9. Treats (the kids are away)
  10. Treats (the kids are away)
  11. Make Reindeer Food (instructions here)
  12. Have dessert for dinner
  13. Decorate Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees
  14. Go on a Candy Cane Hunt
  15. Go to Santa's Grotto and get a photo with Santa
  16. Go to Auckland to see Poppa J and Nanna
  17. Decorate plates with sharpies, bake and re-gift
  18. Make a purchase for the Kmart Wishing Tree
  19. Make shortbread and deliver to the neighbours
  20. Buy petfood and take to the SPCA (animals need Christmas dinner too!)
  21. Drive to Harrowfield to see the Christmas lights
  22. Skype date with Nanna Julie
  23. Have a picnic dinner by the light of the Christmas tree lights
  24. Put out milk, cookies and reindeer food for Santa
We also did our first Book Advent tonight.  I took ages explaining to the kids that only one person could choose and open a book each night, and we are going from youngest to oldest.  The Girl went first, and she loved it - she is currently asleep clutching her book.  She doesn't usually stick around long for book reading, but tonight she was glued to the book.  I think the process of unwrapping the book drew her in - I hope it goes smoothly tomorrow night when its Danger Mouses turn.  The boys only had a tiny grizzle about not being able to pick and open a book as well, but they handled it way better than I expected. 

Ahhh feeling the Christmas spirit already.  Loving it.


Miriam said...

awesome! I just love your activities they are wonderful

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yeh I do that too - but you've got some good ideas for activities thanks! Love the little stockings.