Thursday, December 13, 2012

Activity Advent Calandar - Day 13

The activity today was to decorate ice cream cone Christmas trees.  What a sugar high after they ate them.  Good fun though, and totally worth the mad behaviour afterwards!

I made a simple buttercream icing and tinted it green.

I 'glued' an ice cream cone to a plain biscuit using the buttercream, and then covered the cone in icing.

I provided the kids with a small bowl each filled with a selection of sprinkles and small pebbles and let them go for it.

The boys were quite focused on their decorating.

The Girl not so much.

Then the eating and sugar high began.  Good fun.


Katie said...

Ha ha, looks like heaps of fun! Ice Cream Cone Trees are on my to do list sometime soon!

A little bit Country said...

Love this - fantastic idea!