Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Activity Advent Calandar - Day 4

Today's advent activity was to make Fluffy Stuff Snow.  This was fun - it smelt yummy and felt amazing - so much so the kids were occupied with it for a good hour at least.

I found the instructions to make the Fluffy Stuff Snow here.  I added a heap of glitter to make it nice and sparkly.

There was no hesitation from any of the children to get in and get mucky.  The Girl liked the sensory experience of rubbing it on her face, and crumbling it between her fingers.

The boys liked mushing it up into big mounds and seeing who could create the biggest 'snowball'.

The Girl of course ended up with it everywhere, which is all part of the fun.  As we finished, and I helped the boys clean up, she disappeared.  I followed the trail of little white footprints to her bedroom to find her snuggled up in bed asleep, covered in dried Fluffy Snow .... where she is still sleeping now.  Bath time in the morning I think.

Fluffy Stuff Snow is definitely a heap of fun.  Its able to be moulded or crumbled, smells amazing and feels lovely when its being mixed up.  We are absolutely going to add this to our list of messy play things.

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Miriam said...

that is so awesome. I love the focus on those little faces. Thanks so much for linking in