Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bakers Delight Christmas Treats

It's that time of year.  Everyday is crazy busy with Christmas breakups, shopping, organising and creating Christmas spirit.  Good time to take a few days away right.  The hubby and I snuck away to Taupo for 3 nights - it was wonderful.

The last few years we have tried to take a holiday alone together (yes, leaving behind the kids) in November.  Its a tradition we want to keep - it gives us quality bonding time together before the silly season, and before we take a family holiday.  We can say goodbye to all the stresses of the year and take a bit of time to refresh together before the new year.   We reassess that we are on the right track with the kids, and with each other, spend time reflecting on the year past and spend time talking about the year to come.

Its a special time we spend together.  Therefore it requires some special treats.  Going on holiday requires treats - its the holiday rule.  And being close to Christmas, the treats are aplenty.  This is where Bakers Delight stepped in, in providing us with with some small muffin sized Christmas cakes (and a large one, which has been put aside for Christmas).  I LOVE Christmas cake.  Matt, sadly, not so much.  But he devoured these.  They were beautifully moist, perfectly spiced and had a great texture.  The muffin sized cakes were the perfect size to take away with us, without having to lug around a massive slab of cake.  They'd be perfect to take on a family camping trip.  All in all we were pretty impressed.  I hear they make some pretty good Christmas Mince Tarts if making your own is not your thing.  Much nicer than buying the mass produced tarts you can get in the supermarket. 

So I did spend three days eating Christmas cake.  Thanks Bakers Delight.  Along with mountain biking, prawn fishing, jet boating, mini golf, Cliffhanging, shopping and spending lots of time hanging with my special man.  The perfect pre-Christmas treat that we are looking forward to doing again next year. 

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