Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wacky Wednesday 2

Wow, our second Wacky Wednesday rolled around so fast it crept up on me and left me totally unprepared.  Hate that. 

As decided last month, it was funny hat night.  Through being totally disorganised and living on a promise of it being this week, I cheated on getting the kids to make their own hats and the Dollar Store came to my rescue.  The deal was to wear the hats throughout the dinner prep and during dinner.

Introducing Police Man Sprat

Danger Mouse as a Fireman

The Girl as a ladybug

Hi-jinx Hat Hubby

and Cowgirl Mum (unprepared, bad hair, shiny face, tired eyes - pretty crazy looking - but thats often real life at home huh!)

Dinner was home made pizzas.  The boys got to put their own toppings on - under strict instructions to not eat it all before it landed on the pizza.

There was alot of eager anticipation to eat the finished pizzas. Waiting for them to cook was torture for the kids.  They created ramps on the dining room table with the table mats and were using them to race their cars and hats over.  Not something I would usually let them do, but being Wacky Wednesday why not.

Here I can share a picture of my pizza.  High protein, moderate fat, low carb Cauliflower Crust Pizza.  I am participating in a Spring into Summer 12 Week Challenge.  It possibly may break me.  More on this later.  I loved this Cauliflower Crust!  Link here in case you are interested in making your own.

 The boys were really proud of their kitchen achievements.

Over dinner we talked about what the boys want to be when they grow up.  Danger Mouse a Transformer Dump Truck Driver and Sprat a Policeman.  We talked, in 5 year and 3 year old terms, about how you can be anything you aspire to be and how its important to do something you love. 

The conversation then led to the kind of pets the boys were going to own when they grew up.  Danger Mouse an Elephant and Sprat a Police Dog and Police Cat.  Their imaginations took hold here and there was a lot of laughter and crazy notions about dragons and The Girl being an Elephant when she grows up.  We encouraged a bit of madness here, and the kids really got on board with Mum and Dad being silly.  I love to see the kids sit back and laugh while we, the parents, take on the roles of hyper children.  Its a great bonding experience through lots of laughter, and not only with the kids, but the hubby as well.

Dessert was served.  I found these amazing huge marshmallows at The Warehouse.

So another fun family bonding experience, albeit slightly less organised that the last one.  Next month?  Monster Burgers and facepainting.

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