Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not a Quiet Sideline Mummy

Its amazing what our children bring out in us.  Total happiness and joy.  Livid anger.  Fierce proudness.  Crushing hurt.  Fishwife screaming at sporting events....

Yes, today I discovered I am that mum.  The one that throws herself into cheering on my children with as much enthusiasm as the child is putting into their sport. 

Today was Sprats first ever Cross Country run.  As he is 5, they only had to do a casual run around a tiny park.  No big deal.  If you were any other parent except me.

As my tiny wee boy cruised around the track, I found myself following him with the long lens camera, screaming words of encouragement and waving furiously.  All while dragging The Girl, who was hanging half in and half out of her pushchair, and ignoring Danger Mouse who was crying because he couldn't run as he had stuffed his gumboots full of grass clippings.  There were thoughts of elbowing other mummies out of my way so I could get a better view -  honestly I did think about it, but thankfully I managed to keep that side of me under control.

It wasn't until Sprat was running down the home straight, and my screaming hit a frenzy that I realised I was the only mummy shouting.  In fact the only mummy following my child with a massive camera, and making any noise at all.  I was 'that' mum.

I wasted about a minute of my time stressing about what all the other parents might of thought of my frenzied crazy screaming, and then decided I couldn't care less, more so after Sprat came up to me, hugged me tightly and then grinned and gave me a high five.  He didn't have anything to say, his smile was so huge.  Cue 'Total Happiness and Joy' from mum.

I might not get the same reaction from him when he is 15 and I am doing this (lets hope its all out of my system by then), but for now my little man knows I am supporting him 100% and am behind him every step of the way and thats all that counts.  Im taking my Shouty, Fishwife Mummy label and wearing it proudly.


Miriam said...

ha ha hilarious post! Go you shouty mummy!

Julie said...

I never knew I had it in me haha

Rebekah said...

haha.. laughing hard cause i cant imagine it. Mum did it when i was 10 and i remember being so emarassed!!