Friday, September 14, 2012

The Great Sticker Trail

Lesson for today.  Never leave children and stickers unattended for any length of time.  I had a lovely shower and all was quiet in my house.  This is why.

The new design my bedside drawers now display.
The new design the Hubbys bedside drawers now display (I was trying to angle out his floordrobe)

The bathroom door handle.

The TV 

The cat didn't go unscathed.

The kids drawers (they were covered, this is just a small snippet).


You are probably wondering how long I was in the shower for?  8 minutes.  Thats right.  3 children, it doesn't take much time.  They were on a mission.

Randomly on the carpet.

The vacumn cleaner.

Couch cushions.

The TV remote took a hit.

And I think the trail ended here ....


Anonymous said...

Brilliant well done Jack Sammy and Ada! Julie welcome to my world! Although I guess stickers are to be stuck so it goes! Worst is a sticker through the laundry (on a garment) so can only hope you didnt go there! X

Anonymous said...

Go guys! Love it. especially that oscar is so tolerant!! Love that cat!