Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Perfect Life

Don't you think there is just too much pressure on us as mummies these days to be 'perfect'?  Have a perfect house, perfect children, perfect body, perfect wardrobe, perfect 'life' .....

If you are a stay at home mum thats not meant to be enough.  So often people ask me when I am going back to work, am I going to study again and how many days a week are my children in daycare.  It seems being a stay at home mum these days is not a perfect choice for your life.  You are 'meant' to want to strive for more in your own life - study, have a career, spend time away from home enjoying doing things for yourself while your children are farmed out into care.  I've had women snub me in conversations once I've dropped the Stay At Home Mum bomb. 

Don't get me wrong here, I am not criticising women that do make these choices in their lives to further careers, study etc.  I also know some ladies are not lucky enough to stay at home, they have to work to help provide for their family, or they simply don't want to stay at home.  What upsets me is the perception that choosing to be a stay at home mum is seen as something not enough for a womans life.  That that choice lowers your status in society as you are 'just a mum' and seems to immediately deem you as someone having no goals, a bit of a no-hoper when it comes to your future and just labels you as 'mumsy'.

Since when did raising our children, serving our husbands and keeping a home not become the most important thing we do?  My children are precious.  They should be nurtured and protected - by me!  Their faith, morals, manners and beliefs should be taught at home by the hubby and myself.  They are our future, and how they live in the future all comes down to how I train them now - thats a huge responsibility that I have been given.  And I am proud of it.   My husband works hard to provide for his family - and I work hard to provide for my husband in the home.  He is proud of me and the work I do at home for our family.  That in itself is worth more to me than any possible career!

I am happy.  Stupidly happy.  I love what I do.  It completes me.  I am proud of my family and my husband.  I don't want anything else for my life.  I have it all.  I don't feel any yearn for having 'more' in my life, because I have all I need. Nothing is missing from my life.  My life is perfect exactly as it is.

I wonder if the people asking me when am I going back to work can say that about their own lives?  I am proud to be a stay at home mum and believe its the greatest and most challenging 'career' that I am ever going to have.