Friday, September 14, 2012

Christmas Tradition - Decorations

We have a tradition in our home of each year putting a Christmas decoration in each childs Christmas Stocking.  This decoration is named and dated, and once opened the kids put them onto the tree anywhere they want.  When they are grown up and starting their own families, they can take all their decorations for their own trees and start the tradition with their own children.

Last year I brought three small Christmas Dove decoration kitsets at the Quilt and Craft Show from Elna Sewing & Jan's Patch.  Being the crafty mumma that I am, I thought it would be awesome to make their decorations.  Last year. 

This year, I finished one of the Christmas Doves I started last year.  I like it, its sparkly (which I love), and the colour combination of cream and gold is my favourite.  Plenty of time to make two more before Christmas ..... next year?....

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