Friday, March 2, 2012

Marble Races

OK, sometimes we make things, and they just look totally terrible, but the kids don't notice and still have a ball (... nice pun).  This is the case with my Marble Racer.  But for the past half an hour all I have heard is giggling, yahooing and the rattle of marbles on plastic.

So what does it matter if it looks rather amateur and like it should go to the tip, right, the kids are loving it!

I saw a picture of this somewhere I can't find it so can't give credit.  But basically it is just a pool noodle cut in half with a gutter in it for the marbles to run down.  Of course do you think I could find a pool noodle at this time of year?  It wasn't easy - I do think they usually come with a hole down the middle as well.  The one I brought didn't, so I had to use a craft knife and hack it.  As you can see.

BUT - the hubby has a mission.  I also brought some wood, and his mission this weekend is to recreate something very similar to the one below.  He believes it will be epic. I will post the epicness once it has been created.  Check out this link to see how they made the one below.

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