Friday, March 23, 2012

Kids Designed TShirts

I had the kids design their own TShirts today for a bit of fun.  Even The Girl joined in.  Sprat has been wanting to do this for ages and he very carefully, almost painstakingly, drew his picture so slowly so it was just perfect.

Danger Mouse had four attempts until he got the picture he wanted.  First he drew a green banana, then it evolved from there.

And The Girl just went on a mad scribble as to be expected of a 14 month old.

So we had three masterpieces in the end.

Which I transferred onto Avery TShirt Transparency paper.  I even remembered to print Sprats in mirror image so his name would come out the correct way when transferred.

I then just followed the instructions of the transfer paper to iron them onto the TShirts.

And there we have it.  Personally designed TShirts which the boys are SO majorly proud of!  Sprat even drew some bigger pictures later today for when he 'gets bigger and has bigger TShirts'...

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