Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hoodies - I Nailed It!!

I found a vintage pattern on Trade Me last winter.  I found the fabric at the Hospice shop, also last winter, for $5.  I cut the pattern out last winter .... and there it sat, all summer long just waiting to be sewn.

Well I found it yesterday afternoon at the bottom of one of my sewing drawers, and using the overlocker (oh how I love it) it took me about an hour to finish completely.  And its perfect. 

Do you remember this one here?  I am so relieved I have finally got a great pattern.  My boys are going to be nice and snuggly this winter!

1 comment:

Courtenay said...

Looks great Julie! Sam looks pretty stoked with it too :-) Love his little model poses, NZ's next top child model maybe???