Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paper Garlands

A certain wee someone in our house is turning one next week.  I am so excited!   

I have never thrown a themed party for either of the boys (we have been more into experiences for their birthdays as opposed to full on parties), but my goal this year is to have themed parties for all three kids.  So The Girl is first, with her Green and Pink themed First Birthday.  I am in total preparation mode this week, with the paper garlands and tissue pom poms to make, along with her pink and green dress.  Then next week its all about the food.

I saw these paper garlands on the internet somewhere and thought they looked great, so have made a few strings to adorn the wall behind our food table on the day.

Easy peasy to make, and they look great.  And whats even better is afterwards I can string them up around her bedroom as a cute decoration.

I found some scrapbooking paper (cheap from the Warehouse Stationery) in my colour theme and brought a circle punch. 

In front of the TV one night I punched circles to my hearts content. No set amount, I just punched until I was sick of it.

Then, using two circles of the same patterned paper, with right sides facing out (so when the string turns the pattern is on both sides) I sewed them all together by feeding through the sewing machine.  No order at all, just picked them up and whipped them through using a see through nylon thread that I already had.

You can make them as long or as short as you want.  Alternate the size of the circles.  Use felt or other materials other than paper, or a combination of both.  They would look great in shorter lengths, dangling from the ceiling above your food table.  Have fun!  I am off to attempt to make tissue paper poms poms now!

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