Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Op Shopping .... again ....

I may of gone op shopping again today.  I swear that wasn't my original intention when I looked up some new op shops to visit and then got in my car and drove purposely to them .... I did mention in my previous post that I was an addict, didn't I? 

I promise this is the last time this week I go.  I will be able to stick to that promise, as tomorrow I have no car (in for servicing) and Friday I will be too busy preparing for The Girls birthday.

Todays treasures were:

Pillowcase to be made into a dress for The Girl and a cute Sesame Street book - $1 for both

2 x patterns - $1 for both

6 items of clothing for $2.  A jumpsuit for Danger Mouse for winter, a cord skirt for The Girl, 2 x denim skirts to be upcycled, a shirt to be turned into a toddler dress and an old pink cotton nighty to be used as dress lining.

I love this.  Cost $8, and I am going to use it on the dessert table, filled with pink and green macaroons for The Girls birthday.

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