Monday, January 9, 2012

Op Shopping Addict

Today's confession.  I LOVE to op shop.  I decided this year to start featuring my op shop purchases on my blog, so you can see some of the wonderful things you can find while rummaging through second hand stores.  One of the things in particular I like to purchase is fabric as it is so much cheaper second hand and you can find some real vintage gems if you are lucky.  I would also like to try and up-cycle some pre-loved clothing this year for myself.  I am not sure I have the eye for it, but the passion is there so that has to count for something, right?

I love to garage sale as well, but my children don't much like being dragged out of the house at 7am on a Saturday morning ...

So today, I quickly popped into my local Salvation Army (which is on the pricier side, but always has great things!), and for the grand total of $8 I came home with:

2 metres of dark denim and approx 1 and a half metres of pretty floral fabric - perfect for a winter pinafore for The Girl - $4 for the lot

On the pricier side for $3.50, but one of Paullina Simons that I haven't read yet.

A Hot Wheels car mat for .50 cents, and some eager 2 year old feet waiting to play with his new mat.  These retail for around $22 and I have always liked the look of them.  So far today since having it home the boys have spent around 2 hours playing with it.  They've taken a break to go jump on the trampoline and try to catch the tree branches, but I have had strict instructions from both boys that the baby is not allowed near their new car mat ... .50 cents very well spent!

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