Monday, May 2, 2011

Taggy Blankets

I've been making these Taggy Blankets since I had Jack - 4 years ago.  There are a few new babies arriving in my family in the next few months so I decided now is a good time to stock up on taggies as they make great gifts.  They are so simple to make - here is how I do it.

You will need two x 30cm squares of fabric, 12 x 13cm lengths of ribbon, scissors, pins, thread and a sewing machine.

Choose your fabric - obviously the choices are endless but I personally like to use flannelette and polar fleece.  I recommend using soft fabrics as babies just love snuggly soft material.

Cut out two squares of your chosen fabric.  I use a 30cm x 30cm square, but you can do any size that suits you.

Then cut out your ribbons.  I put three ribbons per side of my square, and use a 13cm long ribbon piece. 

Pin your ribbon, folded in half with the open ribbon edges matching the fabric edge, to the right side of your fabric.  I pin to the flannelette as its not as stretchy as the polar fleece so easier to work with.  I never measure where I want the ribbons to go, I just pin them on.

I now sew each ribbon on as close to the edge of the fabric as possible, removing the pins as I go.

Once all the ribbons are sewn on, I pin the two fabrics with right sides facing together.  Be sure here that all ribbons are lying flat.

Then I sew around the square, using a 1.5cm hem, leaving an open gap of around 4 cms where I can turn the taggy inside out.  On sewing the corners, instead of sewing a rightangle on the corner, I sew three or four stitches across a diagonal before continuing to sew down the side.  I think this makes for a nicer finish on the corners.

Once sewn, I trim off the corners so its tidier when turned inside out.  You can see here what I mean about sewing on the diagonal.

Then I turn the taggy inside out.

And smooth it out just using my hands.  If you decide here to iron be very careful, ribbon melts!!  I pin the opening closed, and then sew around the outside again as close to the edge as possible, closing up the opening as I go.

And there you have a Taggy Blanket.  Nice and safe as the ribbons are sewn in three times and babies just love them!  Here is Ada giving her one a trial run.

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