Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Supermum Who?

So often I get comments from people on how amazed they are at what I achieve in my day baking and sewing and that I am a supermum.  But often its such a different picture 'behind the scenes'!  I sometimes gently remind people that I am only showcasing my acheivements and not my failings (of which on a normal day there are many!).  I think you need to be careful when looking at other peoples Facebook pages and blogs that you do not start to feel inadequate and compare yourself to them.  Especially as you look from the computer to around your house at the morning breakfast dishes piled on the bench, 3 days worth of washing to fold on the floor in the corner, the dirty nappy your toddler just removed and left on the floor as he went running naked outside into the rain and the empty baking containers sitting in the cupboard that are gathering dust...... and then look back at your computer at their pictures of beautiful baking, sewing and clean children.  And you wonder how do they do it?

So I thought I would take a minute to share with you a bit of what happens behind the scenes on a normal day in my house.

My boys went on a frenzy late this afternoon.  They started in their bedroom as I was beginning to prepare dinner.  They caused alot of destruction as I was busy in the kitchen.  I screamed at them (yes, I lost my rag totally) and told them they had to clean up their mess.  I would like to add here that its not only children who crack it during the witching hours (5pm till bedtime) - its mummies too.  10 minutes later I was very surprised that I could see their bedroom floor.  That was until I looked into the cot ...

My darlings had just scooped everything up like mini-diggers and dumped it all into Samuels cot.  When I asked Jack where Sam was to sleep that night he suggested in his bed with him.  I noticed that Sam had even done some lovely chalk drawings in the bedroom and cleaned his hands on the side of the cot.

Deciding I would tackle that one later, as I just didn't have time to do it then, I made the boys move into the family room to play.  I had cleaned the place spotless ready for the hubby to come home.  I was rather involved in cooking dinner and trying to stop the baby from crying and wasn't keeping a close enough eye on the boys as I should of been.  This is what happened in the half an hour before my hubby came home.

Sam managed to get himself naked in this time also.  Ada has been placed in the middle as I was carrying her and had to put her down to dash off and mediate the mexican standoff that was happening over a Lightening McQueen toy.

Also as I write this all my dirty nappies are in a pile, unwashed in the laundry sink, I haven't emptied the kittens kitty litter tray today, I have a massive pile of accounts to sort for the business which I promised myself I'd do today and I haven't, the rubbish has fallen over outside and I need to pick it up, the dinner dishes are still on the bench and there is a wet towel on the floor in the middle of the family room.

Supermum I am not.  Normal mummy of 3 children under 5 I am.  So next time you find yourself starting to feel a bit inadequate while looking at someones blog or Facebook photos just remember that they are only showcasing their best and behind those photos a little bit of destruction is sure to be lurking!

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