Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hooded Sweater Attempt One - Fail....

For a long time now I have been wanting to make my boys some Hooded Pull-Over Sweaters.  They look so cute and serve a purpose for Mr 2 Year Old - he can't pull them off as easy as he can zip front's.  Problem I have come across is that I haven't been able to find a pattern for them.  You would think they would be a pattern 'staple', but no - its been near impossible.

So I took the leap and attempted to create my own pattern.  Which was brave of me considering my extremely limited experience with patterns and sewing.  I had a few sweater patterns (minus hoodie) in larger sizes and a much loved hoodie to copy from.

It went OK, but I majorly failed on the hood.  It was smaller than the neckline, so doesn't reach together at the front as it should.  It does look a bit funny, as you can probably tell in the photo above.  Jack wouldn't let me take a decent photo of him wearing it, unfortunately the above is the best of a bad bunch!  Apart from that, the rest of the sweater is OK.  Jack of course loves it, as I have appliqued it with Lightening McQueen, and even went to sleep in it the first night I finished it.  That alone is worth the fustration of stuffing up the hood!

I have now finally managed to source a 'vintage' pattern off Trade Me in sizes 4 - 7 which I am waiting for to turn up in the post.  Hopefully the next sweater creation I post will have a hood that fits, and, as my kindly, patient husband called it "doesn't look weird or abnormal".  Watch this space...

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