Monday, December 16, 2013

Tis the Season for Giving All Things Good

The last two weeks have been packed full of kindy and playgroup breakups, school finishing, neighbourhood Christmas BBQ's, work and client Christmas parties and early family Christmas get togethers.  Its been fun but pretty full on, as each function has required a small token of appreciation to be taken along.

When the energy and time is right, I like to take along something homemade.  This year I have made batches of star shaped shortbread and packaged them in mason jars with lace and buttons as adornments.

These photos were taken off my phone.  Just too busy to take 'real' photos I guess!

When the time has been short Donovans Chocolates have come to my rescue.  I was lucky enough to receive a sample of their Dark Chocolate Caramels and Dark Chocolate Peppermint Delight.  I can never ever say no to chocolate.  Especially not Donovans.  Their cafe in Hamilton is not that far from home, its rather dangerous for me.  Especially the Chocolate Wheel - its a thing of dreams for a chocolate addict like me.

The hubby and I sampled one of the Dark Chocolate Caramels each before taking a photo, and we ate the whole lot in one go.  Opps.  They were amazing.  Dark chocolate salty chewy caramel goodness.  Easy to say I was sold, and have been buying them to take as gifts ever since.  

I am sampling the Peppermint Delights as I type this.  They have a jelly square centre, and the texture is so nice to sink your teeth into I just can't stop.  Or I am just a chocolate addict.  

I'll be off to New World again tomorrow as have 6 hampers to put together for our clients, and they will be definitely featuring Donovans Chocolates.  

I find I really just can't turn up empty handed to anything at this time of year.  I love to give small tokens of appreciation and spread cheer.  And to me, chocolate is cheer. 

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Leonie said...

Have been making lots of shortbread :) it's yum and a great gift! I am been super good at resisting temptation and not buying that far!