Monday, December 16, 2013

Activity Advent Calendar Day 16 - Santa Bread

You know when you see something really awesome on Pinterest, and you make it, and it looks nothing like the really awesome image you saw on Pinterest?  Yup.  Santa Bread.

OK, it actually didn't turn out that bad.  The children were a bit miffed about the whole activity as it was more mummy hands on than them, but it does taste great and they enjoyed eating Santa. Next time though I think just making a batch of dough and letting them shape their own creations would of been more successful.

Original link and instructions here.  I am sure you can figure out which photo is the Pinterest one and which is mine?

Before cooking he looked pretty awesome though.

Actually, while we are on the subject of Pinterest fails, here is another one from earlier in the month.

Ahem ... yup, nailed it .....


Leonie said...

Close enough I think! It would have been fun eating it!

Indra Dhawa said...

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