Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent Activity Calendar Day 4 - Gingerbread Houses

Our activity for today was to decorate Gingerbread Houses.  I brought the mini kits from KMart and they were perfect for the kids, although I did add some extra lollies in to decorate with.

Its been raining all day long, so this ended up being the perfect stuck inside afternoon activity.

The ratio of lollies given to the ratio of lollies that actually made it on the houses was majorly in deficit.  There was a lot of excited hyper activity in our house after this!

I notice tonight as I walked past the dining room table that we obviously have mice. Well maybe just one mouse.  A large one.  Called the hubby.  My gingerbread house is missing half its roof ... ah well, it had to be eaten right?


Sharni said...

OH they look so cute!! Well done! As for the mouse, I don't really blame him they do look quite yummy!

Leonie said...

Oh so fun and so cute! Every year I vow to make some, and every year we dont get around to it! Maybe this time...