Friday, December 13, 2013

Elf on the Shelf has Landed

We welcomed Spick to our household on 4th December.  If you do not know the story of Elf on the Shelf yet, check out the Elf on the Shelf official website and read The Tradition at the bottom on the page.

He so far has been reasonably tame.  In all honesty ... confession time here ... I often forget to move him.  Sigh.  And its a mad dash out of bed at 11pm to shove him somewhere else.  One night I did forget and had to tell the kids the reason Spick hadn't moved was because they were being naughty on bedtime the night before.....

Nothing we have done so far has been original.  Its also been meaning that Sprat has been getting out of bed each morning at 6am to be the first one to find Spick.  Sprat.  Spick.  Not to be confused with each other.  But still alot of fun, and surprisingly The Girl hasn't touched him yet, so he thankfully still has his 'magic'.

His adventures so far.

Looking forward to the next 11 days, and hopefully a few more creative (stolen off Pinterest) ideas.

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Leonie said...

Elves are so much fun! Love your little guy! Need to do a post on ours sometime soonish!