Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wacky Wednesday 1

New traditions are afoot in the Oliver house.  Tonight we celebrated Wacky Wednesday, and its a tradition we mean to carry on one Wednesday a month. 

It was great to go a bit crazy with the kids and of course they loved it.  Family traditions are the things that build amazing memories and they really help forge stronger families, especially when you can have some off the wall fun together.   They help create a feeling of closeness, warmth and get you laughing and sharing time.  I believe they relax you as a family and allow you the chance to take moments of being together, outside of the normal daily stress, grind and chaos.

We started our Wacky Wednesday off with wacky bath time.  I froze a couple dozen coloured ice cubes and chucked them into the bathtub with the kids.  They melted fast, but the kids had fun chasing them around the bottom of the tub trying to catch them before they melted away.  The hubby was worried they would come out looking like murky swamp monsters, but the great thing about food colouring in the bath is it doesn't stain.

Then it was into our wacky outfits.  Sprat turned into Lightening McQueen, Danger Mouse into a Pirate and The Girl into a Clown.

Dinner was Snake Pizza.  I saw this on Pinterest a while back, with the original link here.  I made a normal bread dough, shaped it out and filled it with pizza ingredients.  It looked great before it went into the oven.

It did loose its colour once cooked, but still looked pretty awesome.

Once dinner was plated, it was dinner by candlelight.  Fun for the kids - stressful for mum and dad who kept a vigilant watch on Danger Mouse and The Girl.  They were both like moths to a flame!

We took the time during our meal to go around the table and talk about all the clever things we love and appreciate about each other.  We really encouraged the children to take part in praising each other as well.  Both the boys loved this part of the meal.  I take the time to praise my children as often as possible, but this was different.  This was focused on them from everyone in the family, and I could see both boys sitting taller and prouder as we praised them. 

There was a little bit of crazy wacky behaviour while waiting for dessert.  This could of been when the lemonade high kicked in.  Even The Girl took part in some face pulling.

Then it was dessert time.  Yes, my favourite part of any meal.  I made a Wacky Rainbow Trifle.  Just a basic trifle recipe, but instead of a sponge I just made a Rainbow Vanilla Cake. 

When dessert was over, we talked about how we would celebrate our next Wacky Wednesday.  Wacky Hats it is. 


Miriam said...

awesome - i love these ideas. and Ada's face with the face-pulling is SO classic!

Julie said...

Haha she was taking her face pulling so seriously!